About us

T.O.S.S. has maintained four main aims from its foundation

  • The Principal of Diversity.There are  many useful teaching skills for each subject. In our movement, we’ll apply as many skills as would be effective in our classrooms. The skills selected may also vary, depending on class,and individual student needs.
  • The Principals of Amendment and Modification.There are no perfect teaching skills or methods. There is always the option for any subject to be amended and modified.
  • The Principal of Proof with Evidence.If any new teaching skill and/or method is to be introduced, it needs to be backed up with evidence such as a detailed record of teaching resources, instructions, teaching points and notes and outcomes of the lessons.
  • The Principal of Accountability.Individual teachers have the responsibility of choosing the best methods and/or skills suitable for their own classes,and should not be influenced by any other authorities.